Construction Industry

What would modern buildings be without aluminum? Windows, doors, and curtain walls without effective thermal insulation, roof and wall systems, handles, fittings and light scaffolding are hard to imagine without this material.

Its advantages are obvious: Aluminum is durable, extremely sturdy, and low maintenance. It is very stable despite its low weight, which makes narrow load-bearing structures and light substructures possible. Anodizing and powder coating options provide an unlimited selection of colors.
Outstanding construction requires much more service than simply the delivery of aluminum profiles. The depth of added value, including in-house prefabrication as a basis for consistent quality in all manufacturing steps, is essential in adhering to the warranty periods demanded by the market for major construction sites.

The company is a market leader for profiles and composite components for curtain wall construction and boasts many years of experience in this field and excellent references.

To construct the Allianz Arena in Munich, 2,800 diamond-shaped, transparent air cushions were required for an area of approximately 60,000 square feet. The architectural design resulted in 1,400 different diamond-shaped sections. Aluminum was the material of choice here because it ensures optimal tightness for the roof structure despite temperature variations. The company supplied approx. 100 tons of custom-fit extrusion profiles as well as full mechanical processing. The sawed, milled, bent, and anodized profiles were used to border the membranes for the roof structure. The profile cross-sections were developed jointly with the company up to the ready-to-install product.