GUTMANN Door Thresholds System Accessories

These are Aluminum door thresholds for all front and balcony doors. GUTMANN door sills offer the highest water tightness, Improved thermal insulation because it is thermally broken.  This product has optimal protection against water and cold.

The extensive GUTMANN door threshold range offers installation-friendly, high-performance, and inexpensive solutions for all front and balcony doors. This project range is rounded out with a matching accessory range.

Product Description


  • Height 32 mm
  • High quality plastic thermal separation ensures the highest thermal insulation value
  • Reduces indoor condensation
  • Ensures an extremely high water tightness (600 Pascal)
  • Usable in both new construction and renovation
  • Filler piece provides compensation and enables rational production
  • The threshold holder produces a stable connection between the threshold and frame
  • The aluminum cover enables flush installation and permits assembly of common locking points


  • Height 20 mm
  • Improved thermal insulation thanks to thermal separation with PVC-free plastic profile
  • Fulfilled highest water tightness up to 1350 Pa
  • Side threshold holder
  • Substructure insulation profile
  • Strike plates from the GUTMANN standard range (“Premium quality”)
  • Cover in PVC-free plastic further enhances the insulation values
  • Processing is made significantly easier by side filler piece (no coping required)