Innovative technology at its peak, with greater design flexibility

The GUTMANN Curtain Wall Capped System fulfills all the architectural requirements. GUTMANN provides an innovative system solution with a competitive edge in technology and cost-effectiveness.

The GUTMANN Curtain Wall Capped System F60++ provides high-quality products, fast installation, simplified fabrication, superior performance, and design flexibility. This system is applicable in sloped and vertical curtain wall systems.
  • Identical profiles for mullion and transom, straight cutting, with no transom profile notching for the system results in minimal off-cuts, as well as efficient manufacturing and installation
  • Narrow 2 3⁄8" (60mm) sightline
  • Various system depths available to suit most design and load requirements
  • Identical widths of inner glass gaskets at mullions and transoms
  • The system is outside pressure glazed, available with captured and 2 way structural glazing
  • Controlled drainage system via a special transom and mullion gasket
  • Transom connector for simple and secure transom connection
  • Glazing options of 1" - 2 1⁄2" (26mm - 65mm) for double glazed and 3⁄8" - 7⁄8" (10mm - 22mm) for the single glass option
  • Maximum glass loads up to 400-730 kg, depending on wind loads
  • Can be used for vertical and sloped curtain wall system
  • Offers integrated entrance framing systems and vents
  • Different colour options are available
  • Tested to AAMA and ASTM standards

Our in-house design assistance, engineering, and manufacturing ensure maximum efficiency throughout the entire process.

System Properties

Air Infiltration

Air Infiltration

ASTM E283/E283M-19
0.01 cfm/ft2 @ 6.24 PSF (300Pa)
Structural Performance

Structural Performance

up to +/-60 PSF (+/-2880Pa)
Water Penetration

Water Penetration

ASTM E331-00 AAMA 501.1-17
15 PSF (720Pa)
15 PSF (720Pa)
Thermal Transmittance (U-Factor)

Thermal Transmittance (U-Factor)

NFRC 100
0.18 (DG)-COG-0.10 with Aluminum Spacer This value may vary according to glass choice, framing configuration, and spandrel to vision ratios.

Optional Features

  • The captured system heavy-weight mullion available 2 3⁄8” x 8 23⁄50” (60mm x 215mm)
  • The captured system integrates with standard GUTMANN windows and doors
  • The captured system integrates with concealed GUTMANN Vent-SK70 and S70 visible framed vents

System Cross Sections

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