GUTMANN F60++ SSG (Toggle)

Innovative technology at its peak, with greater design flexibility

The GUTMANN SSG (Toggle) System provides a unique all-glass capless look in its F60++ Curtain Wall System.

The GUTMANN Curtain Wall System F60++ SSG (Toggle) System provides a four-sided structural silicone flat look in a stick system with an economical yet quality curtain wall with quick deliveries, and easy installation. Various mullion depth profiles are available based on spans, loads, and project design. This system is applicable in sloped and vertical curtain wall configurations.
  • Identical profiles for mullion and transom, straight cutting, with no transom profile notching for the system results in minimal off-cuts, as well as efficient manufacturing and installation
  • Available in structural silicone glazing and semi structural silicone glazing options
  • Narrow 2 3⁄8" (60mm) sightline
  • The curtain wall system is mechanically held by 4 sided toggles spaced as required to meet wind load
  • 13⁄16" (20mm) exterior vertical and horizontal weather seal sightline and 2" (50mm) interior metal sightline
  • Various system depths to suit most design and load requirements
  • Identical widths of inner glass gaskets at mullions and transoms
  • Controlled drainage system via a special transom and mullion gasket
  • Glazing options of 1" - 1 21⁄50" (26mm x 36mm) for double glazed
  • Maximum glass loads up to 400-730 kg, depending on wind loads
  • Innovative toggle assembly captures glass, eliminating field application of structural silicone
  • Screw spline joinery method allows shop assembly of ladder sections, reducing field labour
  • Can be used for vertical and sloped curtain wall system
  • Different colour options are available
  • Tested to AAMA and ASTM standards

Our in-house design assistance, engineering, and manufacturing ensure maximum efficiency throughout the entire process.

System Properties

Air Infiltration

Air Infiltration

ASTM E283/E283M-19
0.01 cfm/ft2 @ 6.24 PSF (300Pa)
Structural Performance

Structural Performance

up to +/-60 PSF (+/-2880Pa)
Water Penetration

Water Penetration

ASTM E331-00 AAMA 501.1-17
15 PSF (720Pa)
15 PSF (720Pa)
Thermal Transmittance (U-Factor)

Thermal Transmittance (U-Factor)

NFRC 100
0.18 (DG)-COG-0.10 with Aluminum Spacer This value may vary according to glass choice, framing configuration, and spandrel to vision ratios.

Optional Features

  • SSG system heavy-weight mullion available 2 3⁄8” x 8 23⁄50” (60mm x 215mm)
  • SSG system integrates with standard GUTMANN windows and doors
  • SSG system integrates with concealed GUTMANN Vent-SK70
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