GUTMANN S70+ Outswing
WITH 12mm Threshold

Innovative technology at its peak, with greater design flexibility

The GUTMANN S70+ Outswing architectural doors are ideal for residential projects, condominiums, and hotels with the additional benefit of polyamide thermal barriers for enhanced thermal performance. This door is a high insulating door system that meets elevated requirements regarding thermal insulation, stability, and security.

The door is ADA compliant with outstanding craftsmanship and strength. This product can be installed as a stand-alone product or easily integrated into GUTMANN’s systems.
  • NAFS AW65 Performance Class
  • Ideal for residential and commercial application
  • Outstanding craftsmanship, strength, and durability
  • Continuous compatibility of profiles, accessories and gaskets with the S70+ window series
  • Profiles have three-chamber systems. Top rails in 3" (75mm) height and bottom rail 3" (75mm) with an optional up to 10" for a 12mm threshold ADA compliance door
  • The standard door has a narrow 2 3⁄4" (70mm) frame depth
  • Out-swing operation with an option of single and double leaf door
  • Sturdy corner-blocked and crimped door leaf construction; tested indoor leaf sizes up to 43" X 93 1⁄4" (1092mm X 2369mm)
  • Accommodates 1" to 1 7⁄8" (25.4mm X 48mm) double glazed sealed units
  • Optional surface mounted door closers as well as optional installation of mortise locks and striking plates with slide blocks
  • Dryglazed,using compression gaskets,and innovative seals
  • Hardware with multipoint locking
  • Finishes available in a variety of standard and custom colours
  • Polyamide thermal barrier for superior thermal and energy performance
  • Easily integrates with other GUTMANN systems
  • Life Cycle Tested to AAMA 910 and NAFS

Our in-house design assistance, engineering, and manufacturing ensure maximum efficiency throughout the entire process.

System Properties

Size Limitation: 59" x 106 5⁄16" (1500mm x 2700mm)
Leaf Weight: 120Kg
Canadian Air (Infiltration/Exfiltration)

Canadian Air (Infiltration/Exfiltration)

A3 Level
Water Penetration

Water Penetration

ASTM E547-00
620 Pa (13.03 PSF) - No leakage - Prior to, After Cycling and After Design Load
Uniform Load Structural Test Pressure

Uniform Load Structural Test Pressure

ASTM E330-14
+/-4680 Pa (+/- 97.74 PSF)
Design Pressure

Design Pressure

ASTM E330-14
+/-3120 Pa (+/- 65.16 PSF)
Forced Entry Resistance

Forced Entry Resistance

AAMA 1304-18
300 lbs
Operating Force

Operating Force

ASTM E2068
<22N (<5lbf)
Air Leakage

Air Leakage

ASTM E283-04
0.07 cfm/ft2 - Prior to the cycles
0.02 cfm/ft2 - After cycling
0.05 cfm/ft2 - After Design Load
0.10 cfm/ft2 - Allowed @ 6.27 PSF
Thermal Transmittance (U-Factor)

Thermal Transmittance (U-Factor)

NFRC 100
Shall not exceed 0.36Btu/hr/ft2-Fo for double glazed and 0.30 Btu/hr/ft2-Fo with triple glazed. This value may vary according to glass selection and framing configuration.
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