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The SC115 is an elegantly designed sliding door with superior performance standards. Its thermal, air, and water performance is one of the best in the industry.

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, the SC115 product line has some of the best U-Values in its category. Above all, it is quick to fabricate and easy to install.
  • Stable and reliable thermally broken Aluminum Slider
  • Exceptional thermal performance and high-water drainage capacity
  • Ideal for residential and commercial applications
  • High structural performance capabilities
  • Sash sizes up to 118" (3000mm) wide and height up to 118" (3000mm)
  • Frame depth of 6 3⁄8"(162mm) for double track with polyamide thermal barrier and low sash height of 2" (50mm)
  • Available in double or triple-track systems depending on desired configuration
  • Symmetrical profile design for uniform accessory parts in the inner and outer panels
  • Large size capabilities with maximum weight per sash of 441 lbs (200 kgs)
  • Accommodates 1" to 1 13⁄50" (25.4mm - 32mm) double glazed sealed units
  • Both dry and wet glazed options are available
  • Hardware with multi-point locking and GUTMANN special design
  • Sturdy corner-blocked and crimped sash construction
  • Incorporates interior insect screen
  • High sound attenuation
  • Simple and fast installation process
  • Finishes available in a variety of standard and custom colours
  • Tested to NAF2011 – AW-PG65 Performance Class

Our in-house design assistance, engineering, and manufacturing ensure maximum efficiency throughout the entire process.

System Properties

Specimen Size: 122” x 118” (3100mm x 3000mm)
Canadian Air (Infiltration/Exfiltration)

Canadian Air (Infiltration/Exfiltration)

ASTM E283 - 04
A2 Level
Water Penetration

Water Penetration

ASTM E547-00
620 Pa (13.03 PSF) - No leakage - Prior to, After Cycling and After Design Load
Uniform Load Structural Test Pressure

Uniform Load Structural Test Pressure

ASTM E330-14
+/-4320 Pa (+/- 90.23 PSF)
Design Pressure

Design Pressure

ASTM E330-14
+/-2880 Pa (+/- 60.15 PSF)
Forced Entry Resistance

Forced Entry Resistance

ASTM F842-14
Grade 10 Pass
Operating Force

Operating Force

ASTM E2068
111N (25lbf)
Air Leakage

Air Leakage

ASTM E283-04
0.04 cfm/ft2 -Prior to the cycles
0.13 cfm/ft2 -After cycling
0.10 cfm/ft2 - Allowed @ 6.27 PSF
Thermal Transmittance (U-Factor)

Thermal Transmittance (U-Factor)

NFRC 100
The average weighted system "U" value for the wall assembly shall not exceed 0.43Btu/ hr/ft2-Fo . This value may vary according to glass selection and framing configuration.

System Cross Sections

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