Gutmann Cora Window System

The GUTMANN CORA system is a high-performance, versatile aluminium system for the long-lasting protection and modernization of windows. These wooden windows can be fitted with attractive-looking weatherproofing simply and quickly. This solution is particularly appealing because of its cost-effectiveness. The high-quality and low-maintenance aluminium profile makes windows last a lifetime.

The cladding system is designed to be flexible, allowing a large range of different window sizes that comply with DIN 68121 to be fitted with the aluminium protective cover, including a rain protection rail. All common window constructions, types of opening and window shapes, including slanted windows, round windows, segmental arches and pointed arches, can be designed in a variety of profile designs.

The GUTMANN CORA system can be executed in single, double and pitched rebate

  • The CORA wood-aluminium system is based on the basic construction for standard IV 68 wood windows with a wood thickness of 68 mm at the sash and frame. Therefore, no special milling tools is necessary for the production of the wood frame.
  • The glass is engrooved in the wood rebate. This provides excellent protection from heat loss at the edge of the insulating glass. Glass may be exchanged by releasing the glass beads on the inside.
  • The aluminum shell is a weatherproof structure and an architectural element that, can be designed in any color. The wood frame provides stability, excellent insulation and gives the home a pleasant, comfortable character.
  • The aluminum frames have rear ventilation and are fastened to the wood with durable clips: the wood is, therefore, able to breathe and the aluminum frame can expand without
    restraint during temperature fluctuations.
  • Coordinated profile widths enable continuous frame outer edges for perfect connections to walls and plaster.
  • With variable profiles, couplings, and installation-friendly production segments, efficient construction can be easily carried out.

All properties such as thermal insulation, noise protection, and tightness of the wood window system being used are derived from the aluminum face shells.