GUTMANN MIRA CTS | MIRA contour CTS | MIRA contour integral CTS

Product description

  • Innovative milling contour for a total frame view width of well under 100 mm.
  • Elegant shell design and more design options because of the modular design. Fabrication of various aluminum profile contours with the same wood cross-section and holder position.
  • Very large glass lights are possible. Capacity for heavy glass weights.
  • High-quality corner joint of sash frames in punched or welded design.
  • Extensive system testing for CE marking.
  • Burglar resistant RC3.
  • Glazing can be done with pane adhesive or with dry glazing.
  • Automated installation of the pivot holder directly on the sash frame.
  • Easy installation of the integrated FPS-I fall-prevention glazing.
  • Special shapes, such as round arches and sloped components.
  • Narrow sash facings inside for small windows and deep wood cross-sections.
  • Wooden windows can be produced with a milled glazing bead on the sash.
  • A wide range of structural connection profiles and accessories are available from the GUTMANN range.

System Properties of Classes

Test sample: Double-sashed tilt & turn window with operable center section (2,200 mm x 2,200 mm) | Wood thickness: 78 mm

Water tightness


Wind load


Air permeability


Operating forces


Thermal Insulation


Uw 3-fach1

1Element size: 1,230 x 1,480 mm | Wood species: Spruce | Wood thickness frame: 106 mm | Wood thickness sash: 90 mm | Ug value: 0.6 W/m2K | Glass spacer: Swisspacer Ultimate

System Cross Section

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