GUTMANN DECCO PVC-aluminium window system – a tough aluminum face shell will be installed on the external side of the PVC window. The shell protects the window and is available in many colors. The properties of the system being used will not be changed.

Fast, precise, and rational – this best describes the PVC-aluminium system GUTMANN DECCO. The versatile DECCO PVC-aluminium system offers custom solutions for all large plastic windows for any type of system house whether it is residential buildings or commercial construction.

The animation shows the fast, precise, and rational production/installation of a plastic aluminum window.

Fast, precise, and rational production.

  • In the DECCO installation, the window remains in the standard assembly line.
  • No custom production, completed aluminum frames are supplied.
  • Aluminum frames are installed at the end, following glazing.
  • Less installation effort, thanks to the innovative cold welding process.
  • Purchase of finished frames- welded or with butt joint designs are available.
  • Uniform exterior appearance for buildings with different window materials (Wood, PVC, Aluminium).
  • High-quality exterior appearance due to numerous color combinations and variation options. All RAL, NCS, decorative, and special colors are available. Even short runs or individual products are available in any RAL color.
  • In addition, the delivery of coated profiles and aluminum frame productions can be carried out by the window manufacturer.

None of the properties of the PVC window system being used, such as thermal insulation,
noise protection and tightness, are affected by the aluminum face shells.

Plastic-Alu Systems

Fast, precise and rational production.