A delicate design for real heavyweights.

The wood-aluminium sliding door solution from GUTMANN offers maximum glass surface with minimal frame view. A reduction in all view widths means a significant increase in the surface area of the glass. More glass – more benefits. More glass improves the thermal behaviour of the lifting and sliding door and provides maximum transparency and comfort.

Using the GUTMANN MIRA contour glazing bead makes it possible to glaze from the outside, which is a major benefit to the construction company during fabrication and installation. Additionally, it also makes replacing a damaged pane of glass considerably easier. The floor-level guide of the lifting and sliding door also offers a plane surface at the entrance and thus meets the requirements for barrier-free living.

System Properties of Classes

Test sample: Wood-Aluminium Lifting and Sliding Door, Schematic A (3,600 mm x 2,400 mm) | Fitting System MACO

Water tightness


Wind load


Air permeability


Operating forces


Thermal Insulation


Uw triple1

Test sample: 5,200 x 2,800 mm | Wood species: Spruce | Wood thickness: 78 mm | 0.6 W/m2K

System Cross Section