GUTMANN MIRA contour Window System

The GUTMANN MIRA contour wood-aluminum window system can be executed in single, double, and pitched rebate construction.  this construction uses a clear design.

A clear-cut, angular appearance is characteristic of the MIRA contour wood-aluminum system. It may be used either flushed or in offset views. All standard window constructions, opening variations, and window shapes, including slanted windows, round arches, segmental arches, and lancet arches, are available.

The GUTMANN MIRA contour system can be executed in single, double, and pitched rebate construction.

  • The GUTMANN MIRA contour can be inserted in the GUTMANN MIRA system as the standard wood cross-section in the traditional style for an offset appearance
  • Use of the VFM sash enables flush construction without any change in the standard wood sash cross-section in the GUTMANN MIRA system
  • The narrow sash faces round out the system
  • The accessory range from the GUTMANN MIRA system can be processed without restriction
  • The frame connections are welded or available with robust punched corner connections

System Properties of Classes

Test sample: Double-sashed tilt & turn window with operable center section (2,200 mm x 2,200 mm)

Water tightness

9 A

Wind load

C3 / B3

Air permeability


Operating forces


Thermal Insulation


Uw triple1

1 Ele­ment size: 1,230 mm x 1,480 mm | Wood spe­cies: Spru­ce | Wood thick­ness: 88 mm | Ug value: 0.6 W/m2K | Glass spa­cer: Ther­mix TX.N plus