GUTMANN surface cleaners System Accessories

GUTMANN offers cleaning products for the cleaning and care of anodised or powder-coated aluminium products. These can be used for removing soiling from aluminium frames. These ensure that aluminium windows, doors and façades retain their good appearance.

Our aluminium products are designed for long service life. GUTMANN offers appropriate cleaning agents specially designed for the care of anodised and powder coated surfaces. These ensure that your doors, windows and façades retain their good appearance, even after years of daily use.



GUTMANN aluminium architectural systems are finished with high-quality powder coatings and anodised surfaces. These are extremely durable and retain their perfect appearance for years. Nevertheless, surface soiling from dust, environmental influences and airborne contaminants are unavoidable. Regular care is essential (see instructions A5 from the “Aluminium Zentrale” – “Cleaning of Aluminium in the Building Industry”, PDF).

Do not use solvents or abrasive cleaning agents because these will damage the aluminium surface.

Product description


For cleaning and restoring powder-coated surfaces (smooth/gloss or smooth/matt) and anodized metal surfaces.

Properties and function:
Removes grease, oil, and fine dirt particles. Cleans care and preserves in a single step. Our GUTMANN PROTECT & SHINE basic cleaner and preservative contains a special grease dissolver and cleaning intensifier. The basic cleaner and preservative provide long-term protection against weathering. The cleaner does not attack the surfaces and leaves no residue on seals and seams.

The surfaces must first be cleaned with water and a neutral detergent. Apply a thin, diluted coat of GUTMANN PROTECT & SHINE to the pre-cleaned and dry surface using a soft, absorbent cloth or a white hand pad, then work it out and allow it to dry slightly. Then polish out with a soft, absorbent cloth or towel.

Coverage | Shelf life:
Depending on the degree of soiling, 500 ml is sufficient for approx. 18 m2. Shelf life of at least 1 year when stored correctly in a closed container.

Content: 500 ml

Order number: 004021036565192

Article number: E003955

Safety instructions:
Keep out of the reach of children. ON CONTACT WITH THE SKIN: Wash with copious amounts of water. Repeated contact can lead to brittle or cracked skin. Observe the usual safety precautions for using cleaning agents. Do not use it on hot surfaces or under direct sunlight. Do not use at temperatures below +10° C. First, check for compatibility on a concealed location. No liability is accepted for inappropriate use.

  • Stir or shake before use
  • Store in a closed container
  • Protect against direct sunlight
  • Ensure good ventilation in work areas

Approved by the German GRM – Gütegemeinschaft Reinigung von Fassaden e.V. ( | Permit No. 243c (ACROTEC GmbH). The product is free of PCB and PCP.




For anodized aluminum surfaces, we also recommend our proven GUTMANN ALUPOLISH cleaner. Treating with this highly effective special cleaner restores the original matt sheen of anodized surfaces. It also has a preservative effect that prevents airborne dirt from adhering too strongly to the aluminum surface.

USAGE: Pre-clean the affected surfaces with water and a neutral detergent. Then apply a thin coat of the Eloxal cleaner to the dry surface with a dry cloth. Then polish off with a dry, soft cloth to obtain an even, streak-free surface.

Approved by the German GRM M – Gütegemeinschaft Reinigung von Fassaden e.V. ( | Permit No. 108a. The product is free of PCB and PCP.