GUTMANN Window Sill Holder RP-KSI System Accessories

The new, innovative GUTMANN RP-KSI window sill holder is made of high-quality polyamide plastic.

This material significantly improves thermal insulation performance in the facade.

The bracket is a response to the clear trend towards high-insulating bricks without ETIC.

It is suitable for installation with a thickness of approx. 20 mm on wall constructions without ETIC.

The GUTMANN RP-KSI window sill holder is suitable for use in GUTMANN GS 40 and GS 25 window sill systems.

Product Description

  • For secure fastening of the window sill
  • For use on wall constructions without ETIC
  • Fast and economical installation using screws or adhesives
  • For use with projections of 150 mm or more in line with installation guidelines
  • Significantly improved thermal insulation values
  • Infinitely adjustable using tension springs