GUTMANN DELTA drainage module System Accessories

Connections to windows & rolling shutters for plaster & ETIC – water that gets into the structure via the structural connection (window, rolling shutter guide rail, window sill) is drained to the outside using a controlled system.

Water-tight window sill connection between window and window sill – solution based on a reliable process.

The GUTMANN DELTA drainage module offers a simple and reliable solution to the problems that often occur in corner areas due to non-water-tight structure connection seams.



The new system promises to make water penetration due to unsealed work holes, improperly installed plastering strips or rolling shutter rails, and other unsealed connection joints a thing of the past.

No advance planning is required to install the component, which matches the GUTMANN GS 40/GS 25 window sill system.

It is simply attached to the facing frame on the outside of the window. Installed below the window, it reliably channels any moisture that penetrates the construction to the outside, thus preventing costly structural damage.

Product Description

  • One-piece module with range of projections for GUTMANN system window sills
  • Controlled drainage to the outside using water-channelling ribs
  • Resistant to heavy rain (tested)
  • No planning detail
  • Simple installation