The system of the roof window is effectively thermally separated. The skylight has a concealed sash and it is compatible with the GUTMANN curtain wall system F50+ / F60+. and curtain wall system GCW 050/060. GUTMANN offers a new skylight that is convincing with its reliable functions and appealing appearance.

The narrow design and concealed sash ensure the most sunlight seeps into the room, creating a good atmosphere even on gloomy days. Triple glazed insulating glass with a thickness of up to 52 mm is now also provided.


  • The system of the Aluminium Skylights is effectively thermally separated based on our S 70+ series.
  • The glass beads may either be concealed or screwed visibly.
  • Controlled drainage is located above the glass structure level.
  • The Skylight is suitable for roof angles between 10° and 50°.
  • The installation of the bands is concealed with an opening angle up to 90°.
  • The optimally adjusted accessory parts are manufactured exclusively in-house.
  • Manual and electrical operations are available

System Properties of Classes

Test element: Skylight for roof pitches 10° – 50°

Water tightness


Wind load


Air permeability


Thermal Insulation


Uw triple1 triple1

1Element size: 1,400 x 1,800 mm | max. sash area: 2m2 | max. sash weight: 100 kg |
max. glass weight: 50 kg/m2 | max. glass thickness: 52 mm

Aluminium Systems

Compatible with GUTMANN facade system F50+ / F60+ GUTMANN offers a new skylight convincing with its reliable function and appealing appearance.