GUTMANN Fittings ROTO System Accessories

The Universal ROTO window fittings are also for heavy aluminum windows and doors. It is cost-effective because of the fast and easy assembly of the hardware. Burglar resistance is up to RC3 possible.

Product description

GUTMANN ROTO T540/10 Fittings

Proven technology for tilt and turn windows.

  • The optimum position of the screw axis on hinges and bearings, resulting in convenient and easy assembly
  • Offset and corner hinges and their respective bearings can be used on the left or right
  • Pre-installed aluminum clamping piece saves time
  • Pre-installed fitting components result in fewer parts
  • Subsequent adjustment of lateral position (+1 mm / -1mm) and height (+1,5 mm / -1mm) can be carried out on already-installed fittings
  • Attractive appearance: bearing flush with the sash, no visible screws
  • Sash dimensions of 1,600 x 2,400 mm (W x H) are available
  • Burglar resistance WK 1/RC 1 – WK 3/RC 3


Completely concealed fitting for large and heavy aluminum windows up to 180 kg.

  • Corner bearing installation without drilling or milling the frame
  • Time-saving assembly: all parts of the hinge side are clamped to the sash and frame
  • 3-dimensional adjustment of contact pressure (+0.8 mm/ -0.8 mm), lateral adjustment (+2 mm/ -2 mm) and height (+2 mm/ -0.5 mm)
  • Convenient adjustment, with only two tools, adjustment reserves are visible
  • Integrated grease pockets ensure permanent lubrication for less wear, resulting in low maintenance and smooth operation
  • Maximum corrosion protection due to a unique surface with RotoSil Nano
  • Sash dimensions of 1600 mm x 2400 mm (W x H) are possible
  • Burglar resistance WK 1/RC 1 or WK 3/RC 3