GUTMANN TWINLOC Curtain Wall System

GUTMANN TWINLOC connectors meet the full scope of building supervisory approval requirements for mullion-transom and purlin-rafter connections.

The conector can be installed very fast & easy. Various lengths are available for different transom thickness. The quantum leap in connection technology.

The GUTMANN TWINLOC was conceived for the connection of mullions and transoms in vertical curtain walls and purlins and rafters in wood roof structures with wood face widths of 50 mm to 80 mm.

In Germany, connectors of this kind may only be used if their loading capacity can be determined by means of unambiguous mathematical verification.

Product description

  • GUTMANN TWINLOC connectors meet the full scope of European Technical Assessment (ETA) for mullion-transom and purlin-rafter connections
  • Easy installation: lateral mounting or insertion of the transom from behind
  • Fast connection: center connection screw blocks in all three dimensions
  • Versatile: various connector lengths are available for different transom thickness
  • Easy assembly with drilling and sawing template
  • Precise installation: depth stop using transom milling
  • Perfect appearance: concealed installation on three sides
  • Tight joints thanks to closure with only one tool over the entire connector length
  • Easy assembly: two identical connector parts
  • Same construction for single and double connection
  • Embossed ribs prevent turning under eccentric glass load

System Cross Section